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Home Gym built in Marbella

We have completed a fantastic project in a beautiful villa in Marbella. Within two weeks we built a 20 m2 home gym for our customer.

What was our task

In the rear end of a terrace our client had a concrete structure which was hardly used, so this space he decided to turn into the home gym. Using the existing concrete structure, our task was to close all the space and make it a weather- and rain-proof area for our customer to be able to work out 365 days a year.

What we did

The project started with measuring up the area and working out design of the future building. When we finished with technical parts and chose appropriate glazing, building materials and colors, we visualized the future building and presented it to our customer. After doing few minor changes, the full project was approved by a customer and so it went into production to become reality.

For building this home gym we produced extra strong and stable wooden structure by using 120 mm glulam timber, large wooden panorama windows, smaller openable windows, over three meters wide sliding door, a roof structure as well as we outsourced premium quality oak-tree flooring. All wooden parts were pre painted in our factory to ensure the best possible overall appearance and quality.

With the complete kit produced, packed, and delivered, the assembly process began. We worked hand in hand with local electricians, climate control system experts, and gym equipment suppliers, and within two weeks the full gym was built and equipped.


The transformation of an underutilized concrete structure to a 20 m2 home gym, is just one example of how much you can gain by finding a use for underutilized space in your home. Now, the homeowner has a home-gym that allows him to pursue his fitness goals year-round and so keep him in a good shape. This project serves as a reminder of the potential that lies within the unused spaces of our homes, waiting to be brought to life.