Wood brings a sense of well-being to our living spaces. Architects and designers favor wood for creating gardens, buildings, and interior designs because it feels warm and looks appealing. Trees naturally protect themselves with bark, preventing them from drying out and shielding them from the sun, wind, rain, frost, and heat. This natural shield keeps the tree strong and healthy. Additionally, trees draw essential nutrients from their roots to grow effectively and thrive.

In line with this understanding of nature’s ingenious protection, Remmers is committed to incorporating the same kind of safeguarding into its products, including wood used in construction. They achieve this through advanced coatings that mimic the bark’s protective features. This ensures that even wood used in buildings remains durable and resilient against various environmental factors.

The diverse classic range offered by Remmers is a testament to their dedication. This range caters to different wood types, providing various textures and colors to choose from. Within this collection, you can find a variety of products, such as varnishes, paints, and oils.

By combining the wisdom of nature with modern technology, Remmers not only preserves the inherent beauty of wood but also elevates its strength and durability. This commitment underscores their goal of ensuring that wood remains valuable and useful for generations to come, reflecting a responsible and sustainable approach.

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Remmers HK Stain 3 in 1


The Remmers HK Stain 3-in-1 is a wood all-in-one protector. Specifically crafted for softwoods, these stains halt fungal colour shifts by combining wood preservatives, primers, and stains. This fusion forms a natural, matte barrier, safeguarding against moisture, UV rays, fungus, wasps, mould, and algae. Even better, often, sanding isn’t needed before recoating, saving time. Ideal for outdoor wood, Remmers 3-in-1 Stains provide protection without flaking and offer a variety of mixable colours. Simplify wood care with Remmers 3-in-1 Stains – the comprehensive solution.

Remmers HK Stain 3 in 1 Data Sheet

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