Wooden Windows

How to measure your windows correctly

Whether you are replacing your old windows or installing our wooden windows in a newbuild property, the measuring procedure is similar. We have put together this handy guide to help ensure you are confident in getting the right measurements. 

You’ll need these tools to measure the windows:

To measure for window sizes you will need a pencil, paper and measuring tape. You may also need a spirit level, especially if you are measuring for window replacements in an old house.

How to measure correctly:

The width and height of windows are both measured from the outside of the building.

You will be amazed how even in a newbuild property, what appears to be a symetrical square opening often has 1 or 2 centimetre differences across the height and width. So it is really important to always measure more than one place of the window hole. Do this both for width of the window hole by measuring the top, middle and bottom and then the same for the height by taking the vertical measurement on the left, centre and right of the opening.

The opening in the wall may be slightly skewed and so use the smallest measurement that you read.

How to calculate the window size:

Now that you have measured up the window holes, the window frame size from the outside must be approximately 2.5cm less than the window hole itself for both, width and height. This space is required for insulation of the space between the windows and window holes. For example, for a window hole of 179 x 115 cm, as on the images below, the window size must be 176,5 x 112,5 cm.

Next steps after measuring your windows

After measuring and calculating the required window frame sizes it is time to decide on the style, functions, colour and overall appearance of your new windows. Once you have chosen these options so that the windows perfectly match your home, you are ready to place your order.

You can view our customer photo gallery to get some inspiration and view completed projects. Alternatively, please feel free to call or email us to ask our recommendations and work out the best solution for your window project.