Sauna Cabins, Wooden Canopies

Wooden Canopy, Sauna Cabin and Wood Cladding project completed in Marbella

We have recently completed our part of this extensive home renovation project in Marbella and wanted to share some pictures with you.

Our talented team built a 7 x 7 m wooden canopy over the terrace to create an area of almost 50m2 outdoor area. This impressive canopy provides vital shade from direct sun, as well as from rain, so that our customers can enjoy outdoor living in all months of the year. Before, this terrace area was totally exposed and became unbearably hot in the summer months. On a lower-level outdoor area of the house, we plastered and painted the wall, fitted wooden cladding and built a sauna cabin together with a small wooden deck.

The most challenging part of this project was the wooden canopy which we had to fit around an existing small roof over the terrace entrance. Our task was to cover the main terrace and extend over small extra spaces on the sides, but still make it as one entire canopy. We started by measuring the open square shape space, then all additional extra areas of the terrace. With all these measurements we drew the plan of the entire wooden structure, and our technical engineers did strength calculations to make sure the canopy will be strong and stable. Following acceptance by the customer of our design, we had a millimeter sharp canopy plan made. The canopy kit was constructed from 120 x 120mm and 80 x 200mm thick glulam beams. Glulam timber is 2-3 times stronger and significantly more durable than normal wood. The roof itself was made with extra thick 28mm roof boards to provide additional strength. We covered the canopy with bitumen roofing shingles to make the roof 100% waterproof. After construction was completed, we painted the canopy with wood oil to protect the wood from sunlight and moisture. Our customer chose a darker Nutwood colour which looks very smart.

For the next stage of this project, we renovated an exterior wall on the lower level of the house. Old paint was removed so that the render could be treated with a moisture protector, then plastered and painted. We installed wooden cladding on part of the wall and old PVC doors were replaced with wooden doors and wooden windows. Following this, we installed the sauna cabin over the next three days and built a wooden terrace. For the external wood cladding we used 12mm timber cladding boards, while the terrace support frame was constructed using 92mm pressure treated beams and 28mm wooden terrace boards. For the outdoor sauna cabin, we used our standard prefabricated 70mm sauna cabin kit. A powerful Harvia Cilindro electrical sauna heater was installed which will provide an authentic experience when water is thrown over its stones.

After all assembly and installation works were completed, we painted the cladding and sauna cabin with wood oil, similar to the canopy. We completed full assembly work together with painting in three weeks.