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Wooden doors and windows for villa renovation project

We have just finished production of another whole house window and door order. This order is now ready for packing before being shipped to Spain. We produced twenty four units in total for a villa renovation project which included wooden windows, French doors, sliding doors and some internal doors. Being an older property, most of the windows are different sizes which is why our made-to-measure solution was ideal for the owners.  

We were contacted by the building company responsible for the full villa renovation project and they explained that it was the villa owners wish to maintain the villa’s traditional look and features. However, the owners also wanted the benefits of modern window systems such as double glazing with multi-point locking. These features are more common with doors and windows manufactured using UPVC or aluminium frames. In need of wooden doors and windows to keep the traditional look, the builders put forward our solution which offered the style and modern features the owners were looking for. Our solution worked out to be the best fit for the customer and so we were chosen for this project.

The building firm sent us full details for each window and door required in this project, including all door and window sizes, shapes and finish. With this information, our design team drew the plans of all windows and doors, and then went though and checked them together with our client.

After all plans were approved, the production was launched. All wooden parts were made from knot-free pine wood. All openable windows, doors and sliding doors were equipped with German made GU systems. All glazing was fitted using 6mm thick tempered glass for the outer pane and 6mm thick tempered selective glass for the inner pane to ensure maximum safety and great thermal performance. The Selective glass used ensures a U-value as low as 1.1 which significantly reduces energy costs for heating during colder months, and less cooling during hot summer days.

The external doors and windows were finished in Nutwood colour with a special window stain. This wood treatment will protect the wood from UV rays, moisture and insect infestation.